die arten - lebensfrische - metastasen, die eitelkeit - die einsamkeit - sinus passage - kingbees - ich bin traurig. produced by didi bruckmayr in jitter, nato.modular

einlauf - lebensfrische - die eitelkeit - bodylord - cassation - die arten - pimperial reconverting - ich bin traurig. recorded live at arena, 2003 filmed and edited by thomas grusch & peter bittermann Kamera: Klaus Bittermann, Andreas Tekautz

brainpan cauterizer - colossal - imperial reconverting - dynamism and its absence - fallacious intent - scot walker's meltdown at royal festival hall live video. produced by Mathias Gmachl / farmersmanual

zden / satori
cassation by Zden / Satori

suk & koch
director: martin koch director of photography: martin koch producer: suk & koch edit, animation, design: suk & koch type design: alex wiederin

inside fiction outside war:
director: violet suk & martin koch director of photography: martin koch producer: suk & koch edit, animation, design: suk & koch type design: guenter eder, alex wiederin thanks to: hochschule fuer angewandte kuns wien, meisterklasse fuer visuelle mediengestaltung.

produced by: manfred karrerr, michael strohmann

dr. zempf: josef linschinger jr. dr. bruckmayr: christian polster fuckheads: dieter kern, michael strohmann mathew collings: himself


dietmar bruckmayr: vocals rainer waldhšr: guitar thomas pichler: bass christian bruckmayr: drums walter nadler: deranged bass cover design: walter nadler & erich helm recorded by andreas luger, Parkstudio

same as above except cover design: schager

same lineup

dietmar bruckmayr: vocals christian bruckmayr: drums thomas pichler: bass josef linschinger: bass, synthesizer michael strohmann: guitar viktor jekel: saxophones

live at posthof
same as ignorant

recording engineers: roland salzer, hubert havel live mix: gerhard wingert, didi kastner master mix: claus prellinger licht peter thalhammer stage hands: norbert mayr, wolfgang schallmeiner, video: martin koch cover: erich goldmann production supervisor: werner ponesch

1) asslicker 2) bodyhammer 3) the exterminator / fury 4) ignorant 5) indolent 6) brain damage 7) descent 8) my personality hates me

video arena
dietmar bruckmayr: throat dieter kern: drums, percussion josef linschinger: bass, samples, drumcomputer michael strohmann: guitar, bass boris hauf: saxophones preproduction: fadi dorninger / sonicsound additional programming: prellinger/schmiedinger recorded and mixed by claus prellinger / karl schmiedinger at ccp-studio produced by gash / fuckhead

1) inside fiction - outside war 2) winged sperm disperser (genital overdrive and downfall) 3) the exterminator / fury 4) i've been my own sample 5) the circumcision (genital censorship and downfall) 6) transforming your dullness (anti-apokalypse) 7) the clones are learning to crawl 8) memory trap (into an off-limit)

male comedy
dietmar bruckmayr: words, pressure, tonguing, scream, throat, damping, absorbtion, body dieter kern: percussion, sequencing josef linschinger: va synthesis, sequencing, audio sculpt programming, grm tools, additional words etc. michael strohmann: va synthesis, sequencing, ispw programming, engineering etc boris hauf: flutes roman bauer: additional treatments produced by linschinger & strohmann at elak vienna mastered by christof amann mixdown: alex joechtl * wolfgang musil ** cover: mathias gmachl
(p) mego 1998

1) a question of re.entry 2) sudden doubts * 3) the kingdom ** 4) body lord * 5) doin' business 6) and the ego flows * 7) familiar conditions 8) the brainpan cauterizer 9) imperial reconverting 10) sinus passage 11) the new rapids in conversation 12) fallacious intent 13) the colossal irritator * 14) the craving of a genital modeller 15) a question of re.exit

dietmar bruckmayr: tenor vocals siegmar aigner: bass vocals dieter kern: percussion michael strohmann: bass, dsp recorded by tom paschinger at brachial studios mixed: alex joechtl mastering: alex joechtl at "the castle mastering suite" produced by michael strohmann cover foto: joreg

1) die arten 2) spheren & kuben 3) die eitelkeit 4) die symptome 5) cassation (short version) 6) die einsamkeit 7) lebensfrische 8) metastasen 9) ich bin traurig
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