photo: paul albert leitner
Sound installation, sound architecture, intermedia arts, radio arts, compositions, sound environments for theatre, concerts, performances and acoustic interventions in public spaces. Curating.
Selected work 2002/2003:
'human re:source' - sound architecture for 'tonspur': sound architectures for a public space - museumsquartier vienna [nov 2003]
'sound system - system sound / source tokyo' sound architectonic installation - gallery of austrian embassy, tokyo [oct 2003]
'urban sounds' - sound installation and opening show within "project friend-ship" [with dynamo] fluc vienna
'tonspur' sound architectures for a public space: curator and conception of sound architecture [with georg weckwerth|curator] - museumsquartier vienna [sept 2003 - sept 2004]
'transforming modernity" - live-performed, 8 hours-lasting sonic architecture for the official inauguration of austrian cultural institue new york [april 2002]
'remixed cities/cities remixed' - 2 performances, exhibition, workshop at ZDB gallery, lisbon [feb|mar 2002]
'the butterfly reached the sound - barrier" - site-specific installation, sonic architecture, public radio at KIBLA media centre [with elisabeth penker], maribor|slovenia [feb 2002]
Selected work 1996/2001:
'Viennese Lounge' - DOM, moskau [with the Theremin Foundation] [2001]
'Ahorita' - la panaderia [as Artist in Residence], Mexico City [2001]
'Transformation' - P. S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, New York [2001]
'Hardcore' - Temporary Services, Chicago [2000]
'Viennese Lounge' - rhizom Gallery, Aarhus|Denmark [2000]
'Viennese Lounge' - G9, Oslo [2000]
'Urban Places|Sonic Spaces' - Künstlerhaus, Vienna [1999]
'Soundyard' - PS 1 Contemporary Art Center, New York [1999]
'Toys and Noise' - O.K. Centrum für Gegenwartskunst, Linz [1999]
'Acoustik Laboratories 1.4.' - Museumsquartier Vienna [1998]
'Breathe' - Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna [1998]
'Technosophia' - Swiss Institute, New York [with Schumacher/Clavadetscher] [1998]
'Hörbar'|'sound dream night' - hessischer rundfunk, Kassel [with a. bosshard] [1997]
'Overdub' - Kunsthaus Glarus, Glarus [1997]
'Lock Sequence Activated' - Kunstbüro 1060, Vienna [with gelatin] [1997]
'Manandrbandr' - SonAmbiente, Berlin [with Andres Bosshard] [1996]
'Klangplatten' - 'Junge Dzene' Secession, Vienna [1996]
'Un-still' - acoustic environment for 'Wiener Tanzwochen', Vienna [1996]