KAPITAL BAND 1 - "Playing by Numbers" [mosz017]

1 You are only allowed to walk on the sidewalk segments. Whoever steps on the cracks loses, and is eaten up by the crocodile. If the segments or stones are too small, or the path is paved, you must walk on the curb of the sidewalk. If this is also not possible, the game is interrupted and everyone may walk as he or she likes, until the necessary terrain resumes. Suddenly you notice that one of the stones has an exeptional structure, your view focuses, and all its details drop into your mind.

2 All of the pieces have a form underneath, which is, depending on the piece, colourized and restructured. For example, the 2nd piece is a reorchestration of a nocturnal streetscene in vienna. A recording we did of an urban street scene one night in vienna became our score: a distant sound, hidden between all the other noises, as if someone was hearing a symphony playing far in the distance. We picked out this detail and began reorchestrating it ... recolourizing it and all the washes of sound coming from the street. These 22 second became our world. We played along with the sounds of passing cars, and the sonic spectrum of the city's night. Driven by the illusional fascination that we can zoom through foreground layers until background sounds fan out in all their subtle details... moving in the recording as if walking through the street toward a single sound having caught our attention... finding out how it sounds up close. Of course it is a recording, a picture, of a limited dimensionality. Through instrumentation we give greater depth to this recording -- substituting, shifting, reassembling... that's the main principle of this album.

3 kapital band 1 are nicholas bussmann and martin brandlmayr. After their first release 2CD from 2004, there was a second album in the works already nearing completion, which the musicians decided to trash completely and go a step further. Playing By Numbers is the result– the third album. Now electronics have been set a bit aside; in the foreground are acoustic instruments– cello, guitar, vibraphone and marimba, voice, flute and of course drums. The three parts of the composition play around with playing by numbers. All instruments are played by Martin Brandlmayr and Nicholas Bussmann, except the flute which Erik Drescher contributed. For our release tour in spring 2008 we will play these compositions, as well as some compositions dedicated only toward live performance. On tour we will play in an extended formation, being joined by: Clare Cooper - harp, Werner Dafeldecker - double bass, Andrea Neumann - inside piano and Tony Buck - drums.
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'counting the waves'
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