SZELY - "Processing Other Perspectives" [mosz015]

'Processing Other Perspectives' is the second release on mosz after his debut 'Welcome To My World' from 2004. For this album Szely has asked some of his friends and music mates for bits and bytes and parts which he later recorded and processed according to the idea of field recording. The result is a composition that can be heard as one whole part. But for CD listening it is divided into 8 themes that can be edited separately. Among the contributors are numerous well-known musicians likeThilges' Nik Hummer, longtime music activist Wolfgang Kopper,Bernhard Loibner,Martin Siewert, Ulrich Troyer and fantastic singer and performer Melita Jurisic from Australia. She sings on theme-8 which is a remittance work for Austrian fine artist Thomas Feuerstein who recently curated the exhibition 'Daemons' at Magazin4 in Bregenz, Austria. Szely composed this highly passionate piece based on the lyrics written by Feuerstein himself. Melita Jurisic's marvellous timbre that is able to turn from daemon-like to angelic tones gives this piece this very dramatic note that hasn't been heard before within the work of Szely.
Szely developed his multichannel composing and became more complex on his second album.The recorded and processed instrumental and voice parts are arranged in a more structured manner so that the particular themes get dominantly rhythmic, vivid, drifting, atmospheric and sometimes pictoral or melancholic. Some parts within the several themes are repeated in some other theme slightly altered. The whole album demonstrates Szely's approach to pop music in the context of electronic music with a background of multichannel sound architectural work.
For Szely popular music has always meant the idea of expedition, expansion of borders and search for new sound synthesis. It was only a logic consequence to give room to this searching on the new album. 'Processing Other Perspectives' is the result of an important decision of Szely - instead of working alone, in a solipstic way, in the studio for months, he invited friends and collegues to provide sound material [samples, voice], basically as a communicative act, also in the way of field recording out of which Szely created his themes. Szely's 'Processing Other Perspectives' is an attempt to go new paths, an attempt to re-define the concept of popular music apart from the mainstream.
[mosz 2007]
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