SEPTEMBER COLLECTIVE - "All the Birds Were Anarchists" [mosz014]

Following up on the brilliant debut on Geographic records, "All the Birds Were Anarchists" continues to define September Collective's engaging approach to electronic listening music. The record features three highly active musicians - Stefan Schneider [To Rococo Rot and Mapstation], Barbara Morgenstern and Polish born musician Paul Wirkus - in a series of well edited sessions. While most parts of the record are originally based on improvisations, the result is surprisingly consistent and ego-free, which displays September Collective's ability to focus on the idea of a band and its social context. However, references to improvisation and standard electronica might be misleading as "All the Birds Were Anarchists" strength lies within carefully constructed song formats, which can easily be fragmented to subsequently re-organize an unexpected new strand of ideas. Fragile explorations of textures and drum samples are tied together by Morgenstern's delicate piano treatments and Schneider's smooth synth sequences. It might well be the most remarkable aspect of the record that it clearly evokes a lot of associations. The music is melancholic, but not sad, vivid and tender, but not pompous*. One can think of tiny soundtracks for an ordinary day in late summer or fall ... or a framework, which can be personalized and filled with memories. [mosz 2006] *Christina Mohr
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