FOREST JACKSON - "Cymbalism" [mosz009]

Cymbals are probably the most complex part of a drum set. Not only do they serve as a rhythmic layer, they produce a whole range of frequencies and sounds, from noise to indicated melodies. Carefully treated they expose a nearly orchestral microcosm of their own. These qualities have served as prominent elements in structuring "Cymbalism", the debut album of Berlin's Hanno Leichtmann under the moniker Forest Jackson. Combining his work as a drummer [i.e. with Jan Jelinek] and as electronic musician (Static, Vulva String Quartet), Leichtmann comes up with a synthesis of both, the beat-driven track and the exploration of sound. The rhythmic framework, derived from real drums and generated percussions, serves as an accessible basis, which allows enough headroom for soundscapes, which easily could be references to filmscores or a ride through Berlin by night, accompagnied by almost dark orchestral samples or dub-like motives. An invisible map of urban sceneries, drawn by strings and beats, guides the listener from the center of town to the suburbs and back. The logic finale seems to be the pushing "cymbalism" remix by Rechenzentrum. [mosz 2006]
listen to: 'fiona farley'
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