BORIS HAUF - "Soft Left Onto Westland" [mosz 008]

Born 1974 in UK, currently living in Berlin.
As founder of efzeg [Boris Hauf, Burkhard Stangl, Dieb13, Billy Roisz, Martin Siewert],
part-time member of chicago bands TVpow and Lozenge he is better known as improvising musician - he works with acoustic [mainly saxophone] and electronic instruments.
Other works/projects include comissioned compositions for international festivals,
radio- & tv-stations, film, ensembles, solists, performers and theaters.
"Soft Left Onto Westland" [mosz008] is the label's 6th release. like Martin Siewert
Boris Hauf - primarily introduced and known as an improv musician - produced a rather nontypical cd on mosz which is actually 'sax-free' and only made of electronic sounds ranging from very subtle and minimal to kind of techno-like.
Skilfully and with great musicality hauf mounted all these samples to a surprising result meaning a groovy, funky and atmospheric album with some ambient parts in-between.
"Soft Left Onto Westland" is another kind of 'pop' release on mosz which takes the listener to a relaxed state without being cheesy
just one single second. [mosz 2005]
listen to: 'soft left onto westland'
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