Metalycée - "Another White Album" [mosz 004]

Armin Steiner and Nik Hummer are primarily known for their longtime project thilges3 (Steiner, Hummer, Gammon).
In this context their mission is the acoustic introduction of public places like museums, galleries,
theatres and clubs to social transformation-triggering and visual sound innovations.
Metalycée is a very new project with the aim to salve, recover, transform and put metal
into the field of electronic music without respecting any borderlines.
Another White Album - their first CD ever - is basically made of digitally processed guitar
and drum samples, which Steiner and Hummer merge with their modular synth sounds into a unique construction.
The metal-like sounding samples are cut and arranged precisely in an almost breakbeat kind of style,
always ready for an unexpected change between harsh & abrasive and floating forms.
In addition friends and fans of the band like Didi Bruckmayr [Fuckhead, Wipeout]
and John Norman from Radian [Thrill Jockey] contribute as guests on "21H39" and "5H17"
A harsh Viennese Melange and a vivid proof that there are still new paths within electronica, which can be discovered.
[mosz 2004]
a quote of the artists themselves may describe the album's impact in a better way:
'Metalycée - straight down through the baroque trap door! driven down to heaven.
this new project is about metal and its salvation using sampling in the style of hip hop.
nothing would be sanctified and everything is possible - for all who have spent their youth without god and have forsworn the status of being a ministrant long time ago.
loud, straight and without shame.'
listen to: 21H39
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