SZELY - "Welcome To My World" [mosz 003]

better known for his sound installations, works for radio art,
sound interventions in public spaces (in cooperation with Christof Cargnelli,
the artist group viennese lounge, Andres Bosshard, Christoph Hinterhuber,
Elisabeth Penker, Gelatin, Schumacher/Clavadetscher, etc.), Peter Szely
is coming up with 'Welcome To My World' on mosz introducing himself as
composer of subtle pop sounds in the wide field of electronic music.
Szely has been working as a sound architect creating sound environments for theatre,
concerts, performances and interventions/installations in public spaces.
'Welcome To My World' is regarded by the artist himself as a dense result
of his previous work put into new shape and dramaturgy.
it fits perfectly in the tradition of mosz' releases for it is also melodic and rhythmic.
the album contains recordings of acoustic and electric guitars which were digitally
processed, recordings of acousmatic surround sounds - interpreted as objet trouve
and polythythmic structures, arranged with open source software.
as Szely used to work and perform with multichannels his attempt was to use
this way of working for the CD as well. this results in a range of quite delicate
and subtle pieces and soundscapes. [mosz 2004]
listen to: 'like a fish in the water'
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