MARTIN SIEWERT - "No Need To Be Lonesome" [mosz 002]

"No Need To Be Lonesome" was Martin Siewert's first solo album,
which meant it was not only his first solo recording, but also what we would call
'another side' of Martin Siewert: in contrast to his work to date,
"No Need To Be Lonesome" focusses on melodies and, most importantly,
grooves, and can be considered popmusic to a certain degree.
Basically generated in the studio with an obscure selection
of analogue synthesizers, electronical equipement and guitars,
the focus of this album is more about the beauty of song-like structures
than about abstraction itself. This might be confusing for the ones who know
Siewert's discography, but simply shows an artist who is active in different
domains of contemporary music. [mosz 2004]
listen to: 'no need to be lonesome'
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