Metalycée was founded by Armin Steiner and Nik Hummer, members of sound artist formation Thilges 3. 2004 they released Another White Album [mosz004]. 2007 singer Melita Jurisic, drummer Bernhard Breuer and bass player Matija Schellander joined the group. 2008 Metalycée released a 12" EP. Their new album was released in May 2009.

NIK HUMMER/ARMIN STEINER live in Vienna. They worked together as Thilges 3, did several releases worldwide. They have cooperated with Mike Patton [Faith no More], Sunn O))), Dougie Bowne (Lounge Lizards), Eyvind Kang (Mr. Bungle), Franz Hautzinger, Shahazad Ismaily and many others. Numerous Performances and Soundinstallations worldwide; music for film theatre and dance. Their musical work appears on Ipecac, Laton, Mosz, Staalplaat, Staubgold, Tzadik
Discography [Selection]:
Thilges 3: Johanna-Zyklus, CD Thilges 2000; Polka, CD Staalplaat 2001; Die Offene Gesellschaft, CD/LP Staubgold 2002; La double absence, CD Staubgold 2007
Metalycée: Another white Album, CD mosz 2005; s/t, 12" Interstellar 2008; It Is Not, Vinyl mosz 2009

BERNHARD BREUER lives in Vienna.
Projects: Tumido, Bulbultumido, brpobr, the black chamber [w/ Franz Hautzinger, Martin Brandlmayr, Martin Siewert, Matija Schellander, Arne Kircher]
Works with: Der böse Zustand, Elektro Guzzi, The Ghosts and the Band, Lokai, Renald Deppe/Wachauer Pestbläser, Hannes Löschl, Philip Quehenberger, Patrick Pulsinger, thilges3, Marco Eneidi, Hilary Jeffrey, Didi Bruckmayr.
Discography [Selection]: Tumido: O.A.G. [Artonal Recordings] Tumido und Stefan Rois [Zach Records] brpobr [Artonal Recordings] Der bse Zustand [Ost Records] Metalycée [Interstellar Records] gigis gogos [Zach Records]

MELITA JURISIC lives in Melbourne and Vienna.
Austrialian actress and singer. Numerous theatre plays and films. She has won several awards such as: International Critics Prize for Best Actress at Venice Film Festival 1987 Works with: Barry Kosky, Fritz Ostermayer, Wolfgang Mitterer, Peter Szely, Thilges3

MATIJA SCHELLANDER [*1981 in Bilčovs] lives and works in Vienna, Austria. He studied computer music and double bass, works in the field of improvised & contemporary composed music.
Projects: Electronic and instrumental solo works, music for dance performance and film. Duo Rdeča Raketa with Maja Osojnik. Co-founder of Low Frequency Orchestra [Osojnik/Castelló/Grill/Koch/Neugebauer/Schellander].
Member of Metalycée (Breuer/Hummer/Schellander/Jurisic/Steiner).
Collaborations with Marco Eneidi, Franz Hautzinger, Michael Bruckner, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong/JSX, Wolfgang Schiftner, Akemi Takya, Martin Siewert, Daniel Riegler, Pia Palme, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Wolfgang Mitterer, Keiko Higuchi, Burkhard Stangl, etc.
Discography: IT IS NOT - Metalycée [LP, mosz]; Untitled EP - Metalycée [12", Interstellar]; S - Low Frequency Orchestra [CD, Einklang]; Rdeča Raketa [Osojnik/Schellander] - Old Girl, Old Boy [casette, mosz]