foto by lukas beck
Florian Kmet:
Born in 1973, Innsbruck, Austria.
Change of residency to New York from 1991 to 1994. Several engagements in rock-bands.
Since 1994 Florian Kmet lives and works in Vienna (A) as a classical trained guitarist and singer with a wide range of activities including solo-works within composed music and projects with improvising musicians.
Permanent member of Lokai and Superlooper.
Collaborations with Wolfgang Mitterer, Gunter Schneider, Max Nagl, Franz Hautzinger, Martin Brandlmayr, Ludwig Bekic, Jorge Sanchéz-Chiong,...

selected discography:
lokai: 7 million [mosz006], Mosz 2005
Stefan Németh:
Born in 1973, Baden, Austria.
Studies in biology at the university of Vienna from 1992 to 1999.
Activities at the borderline between acoustic and electronic music as a guitarist / electronic musician since 1996.
Live-Performances, Installations, Filmscores. Permanent member of Radian, Lokai, Synapsis (by Oskar Aichinger).
Co-director of Mosz records.
Lives and works in Vienna (A).
Collaborations (live/studio) with Martin Brandlmayr, John Norman, Florian Kmet, Martin Siewert, Werner Dafeldecker, Oskar Aichinger, Franz Hautzinger, John Butcher, Dean Roberts, Christian Fennesz, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko M., Toshimaru Nakamura, Florian Hecker, Hanno Leichtmann, Nicholas Bussmann, Hannes Löschel, Paul Skrepek, Achim Tang,...
Cooperations with video-artists like Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Lotte Schreiber, Maia Gusberti, nja, Michaela Schwentner, Nik Thoenen, Michaela Grill, Dariusz Krzeczek, Manfred Grübl, Sigrun Appelt,...

selected discography:
radian: radian [rhiz004], Rhiz 1998
radian: tg11 [mr001], Mego/Rhiz 2000
radian: rec.extern [thrill113], Thrill Jockey 2002
Dafeldecker/Brandlmayr/Siewert/Németh: Die Instabilität der Symmetrie [grob 547], Grob/doc 2003
Oskar Aichinger: Synapsis [btl 029], Between the Lines 2003
radian: juxtaposition [thrill 147], Thrill Jockey 2004
lokai: 7 million [mosz006], Mosz 2005