FOREST JACKSON [Hanno Leichtmann]
Foto Michael Tewes
Lives and works in Berlin. Comes from jazz and free jazz. Plays drums and all kinds of electronics.
Performed with many international free improvising and electronic musicians, among others:
Connie and Johannes Bauer, Lars Rudolph, Tony Buck, John Zorn, Toshi Nakamura, European String Quintet, Hannes Strobl, Sam Auinger, Rupert Huber, Christof Kurzmann, Ronald Lippok, Stefan Schneider, etc.
Founded different projects in Berlin: Ich schwitze nie [Trikont Rec], Paloma [Mehrwert Rec] and DJ Attachée vs. The Beige Oscillator [charhizma rec].
In the last years mainly active under the name Static [, Paloma [fabrique rec], White Hole [] and Vulva String Quartet [].
Also works for theatre [Sasha Waltz and guests dance company] and radio [Deutschlandradio, WDR, ORF]
Selected Discography:
2001: Static - Static one 12" [Audio.nlV, Static - relaxed therein 12" [Sonarkollektiv], DJ Attachée vs. The Beige Oscillator - Waiting For Wood [Charhizma rec], Static - Headphones 7" [City Centre Offices]
2002: Static - Eject Your Mind [City Centre Offices], Static - Turn On Switch Off 12" [City Centre Offices], Paloma - Sometimes We Love You Truely [Fabrique rec]
2003: Static - Flavour Has No Name [City Centre Offices], Static - Ghost Boy 12" [City Centre Offices], White Hole - Holy Ghost 12" [Silke Maurer]
2004: White Hole - pink album [Kyo rec], Vulva String Quartet - Death Cab For Bootsy 12" [Combination]
2005: Static - re : Talking bout memories [City Centre Offices], Static - this morning Without Waking 7" [Earsugar], Vulva String Quartett - Out Of Sight 12" [Combination]
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