Hannes Strobl:
Musician and composer. He lives and works in Berlin. Starting point of his music is the abstract potential on the e-bass and e-uprightbass in combination with live electronics. He works in various musical and artistic fields from improvisation, electronic music, soundinstallations / or music for video / film. For the last years the main focus on the instrument and the compostional activity are musical forms in connection with our urban soundscape.

Collaborations: Sam Auinger, Joe Baiza, Stefan Betke, Markus Binder, Tony Buck, Christof Dienz, Lucas Drexel, Rupert Huber, Jason Kahn, Chris Kondek, Hanno Leichtmann, Lukas Ligeti, Stefan Mathieu, Werner Möbius, Michael Moser, David Moss, Toshimaru Nakamura, Dietmar Offenhuber, Bruce Odland, Reynold Reynolds, Scanner
Projects: tam tam, stadtmusik, denseland, solo

Hanno Leichtmann:
plays drums and all kinds of electronics. He performed with many international free improvising and electronic musicians, among others: Connie and Johannes Bauer, Conrad Bauer, Olaf Rupp, Stephan Mathieu, Nicholas Bussmann, Axel Dörner, Lars Rudolph, Tony Buck, John Zorn, Toshi Nakamura, European String Quintet, Hannes Strobl, Sam Auinger, Rupert Huber, Christof Kurzmann, Ronald Lippok, Stefan Schneider, etc. He founded different projects in Berlin like Ich schwitze nie (trikont rec), paloma (mehrwert rec) and dj attachee vs. the beige oscillator (charhizma rec). In the last years Leichtmann is mainly active under the name static (, paloma (fabrique rec), white hole ( and vulva string quartet (; he is also producing electronic pop music and works for theatre (sasha waltz and guests dance company) and radio (deutschlandradio, wdr, orf). He lives and works in Berlin.

Selected discography: Hanno Leichtmann nuit du plomb cd(karaoke kalk, 2006), Forest Jackson cymbalism {mosz, 2006), static re : talking about memories cd- lp (city centre offices, 2005), static this morning without waking 7 (earsugar, 2005), vulva string quartett out of sight 12 (combination, 2004), white hole - pink album cd- lp (kyo rec., 2004), vulva string quartett - death cab for bootsy 12 (combination, 2004), static - flavour has no name cd- lp (city centre offices, 2003), static - ghost boy 12 (city centre offices, 2003), white hole - holy ghost 12 (silke maurer, 2003), static - eject your mind cd- lp (city centre offices, 2002), static - turn on switch off12 (city centre offices, 2002), paloma - sometimes we love you truly cd- lp (fabrique rec., 2002), static - static one 12 (, 2001), static - relaxed therein 12 (sonarkollektiv, 2001), beige oscillator and dj attachee - waiting for wood cd- lp (charhizma rec., 2001), static - headphones 7 (city centre offices, 2001)

David Moss:
is considered one of the most innovative singers and percussionists in contemporary music. He has performed his solo work all over the world. In 1991 he received a Guggenheim Fellowship; in 1992 a DAAD Fellowship (Berlin). He is co-founder (with Muziektheater Transparant) and artistic director of the Institute for Living Voice (ILV), a workshop center hosting Master Singers from around the world. In 2004 Moss re-joined Hans Peter Kuhn and Stefan Kurt to create the theatre piece "Sunset Scientists" for Theater Neumarkt (Zurich). He performed as soloist in "Credo" by Andrea Molino in Karlsruhe and in Rome for the Conference of Nobel Peace Price Winners; he toured with the Ensemble Modern in their "Frank Zappa Project", and appeared in Olga Neuwirth's opera "Lost Highway", with performances at the 2003 Steierischer Herbst Festival in Graz and at Theater Basel. In 2003 Moss performed as soloist with the Berlin Philharmonic under the direction of Sir Simon Rattle and with the Uri Caine Ensemble at Lincoln Center. He appeared as soloist in the premiere of Olga Neuwirth's opera, "Lost Highway" as part of Steierischer Herbst Festival. In early 2003 Moss composed the music for and performed in "For Life", a dance-theater production of the Darmstadt Theater. In 2002, his one-man theatre piece "Einstein for Aliens" premiered in Antwerp, with Berlin, Bruges, Amsterdam, Gent, Frankfurt, NY to follow. Also "OWL", a new work Moss composed for the Asko Ensemble based on Allen Ginsberg's "Howl", was performed throughout Holland. He also composed "Chortet" for the Arditti String Quartet. Moss has sung at Edinburgh Festival, Spoleto Festival and the Meistersinger Festival in Nrnberg in Heiner Goebbels' orchestra work "Surrogate Cities", and is a vocal soloist in Goebbels' "Prometheus". Since 1995 he has performed as guest with the Ensemble Modern, most recently in their "Frank Zappa Project" at the Paris Festival and Hamburg Music Fest in 2002. Moss also presented the "Strange Stories Project" as part of the Bern Biennale and appears as featured soloist in Uri Caine's "Goldberg Variations Project".
Performance History: Since 1973, over 1000 solo percussion/voice concerts; 3000 concerts with groups, collaborators, theaters and orchestras around the world.
Current Position: Artistic Director, Institute for Living Voice, Antwerp; opera singer, improvising musician, performer, composer, percussionist, vocalist, project organizer.

Selected discography:
David Moss and Michael Rodach: Fragmentary Blues (Traumton 4432, 1999), My Favorite Things (Intakt CD 022, 1991), Time Stories: duos w. Goebbels, Kuhn, Schulte, Makigami, Minton, Jauniaux (Intakt CD 054,1998), Moss Tales (Edel 0014502TLR, 1996)
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